1. All donations are non-negotiable!
  2. I am unable to verbally reiterate my rates by phone or in person, since they are openly listed for your viewing!
  3. Please be respectful of my time. Any desire to extend our time together is done with prior knowledge of my rates!

*Screening Option* #2: Employment Screening

  1. Company
  2. Position
  3. Company Website
  4. Company Main Phone Number
  5. Your Direct Line or Extension

*Screening Option* #1: Preferred Method
To make things easier for both you and I please provide me with the following information upon initial contact:

  1. Board handle/Name
  2. A little about yourself
  3. The contact information for at least 2 reputable providers that belong to a board such as TER, TNA, or P411 with whom you have spent time with in the last 6 months. Agencies will not be accepted. 
  4. Desired session type and length

Be aware that certain limitations are the norm in a non-monogamous casual affair. Everyone is very unique in their needs and while I do my absolute best to accommodate, it is not possible to forsake my health and safety in doing so!

Consideration and Screening